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International Finance and Management Academy

International Finance and Management Academy Certificates

Certificates Fees and Good Standing


IFMA Certification and Professional Designation applicants pay initial certification and graduate fees. Good standing fees are set by the board.

Each applicant pays the initial certification and membership fee as set by the Board. After the initial membership and certification time period as stated on the actual certificate, the member is expected to renew their certificates and complete the required continuing education and ethics requirements.

Sometimes, the approved educational institution collects the fees and processes membership and certification for the Board of IFMA. In other cases, eligible applicants apply directly to the board on a one-by-one basis and make registration payment.




Certificates Fee

1.Certificate of Business Strategist (CBS) USD 300
2.Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) USD 300
3.Chartered Finance Professional (CFP) USD 300
4.Certificate of Financial Analyst (CFA) USD 300
5.Master of Financial Professional (MFP) USD 300
6.Certificate of Wealth Managemerial Professional(CWMP) USD 300
7.Chartered Business Management (CBM) USD 300
8.Chartered Quality Management (CQM) USD 300
9.Chartered Risk Management (CRM) USD 300
10.Chartered Information Technology Management (CITM) USD 300
11.Chartered Marketing Management (CMM) USD 300
12.Chartered Health Care Management (CHCM) USD 300
13.Chartered Production Management Professional(CPMP) USD 300
14.Chartered Hospitality Management (CHM) USD 300
15.Chartered Labor Safety (CLS) USD 300
16.Chartered Sport Management (CSM) USD 300
17.Chartered Business Strategist Management (CBSM) USD 300
18.Chartered Human Resource Management (CHRM) USD 300
19.Chartered Functional Management (CFM) USD 300
20.Chartered Manufacturing Management (CMM) USD 300
21.Recorded Business Analyst (RBA) USD 300
22.Certificate of Innovation Management (CIM) USD 300
23.Certificate of Knowledge Management (CKM) USD 300
24.Registered Financial Specialist Professional(RFSP) USD 300
25.Master of Communication Professional (MCP) USD 300
26.Master of Communication Management Professional (MCMP) USD 300
27.Master of Leisure & Tourism Management Professional (MLTMP) USD 300
28.Master of Innovation Management Professional (MIMP) USD 300
29.Master of Knowledge Management Professional (MKMP) USD 300
30.Master of Accounting Management Professional (MAMP) USD 300
31.Master of Risk Management Professional (MRMP) USD 300
32.Certificate of Industrial Engineering (CIE) USD 300
33.Certificate of Logistics Management (CLM) USD 300
34.Certificate of Network Management (CNM) USD 300
35.Certificate of Public Relations Professional (MPRP) USD 300
36.Recorded Financial Specialist (RFS) USD 300
37.Certificate of Risk Analyst (CRA) USD 300
38.Certificate of Asset Manager (CAM) USD 300
39.Portfolio Management Professional (PMP) USD 300
40.Certificate of Trust & Estate Planner (CTEP) USD 300
41.Chartered Project Management Professional (CPMP) USD 300
42.Master of Quality Management Professional (MQMP) USD 300
43.Certified Communication Management (CCM) USD 300
44.Master of Project Management Professional(MPMP) USD 300
45.Certificate of Housekeeping Management (CHM) USD 300
46.Certificate in Nanny (CN) USD 300
47.Pet Groomer Certificate (PGC) USD 300
48.Certificate of Cosmetologist (CC) USD 300
49.Baking Certificate (BC) USD 300
50.Certificate of Agronomy (CA) USD 300
51.Certificate in Gardening Design (CGD) USD 300
52.Certificate in Hair Design (CHD) USD 300
53.Nail Technician Certificate (NTC) USD 300
54.Certificate in Photographic (CP) USD 300