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BC Baking Certificate
IFMA Board Certificate

Baking Certificate (BC)

The hospitality and tourism industries continue to grow. This certificate will allow you to be part of this growing and expanding service. The Baking Certificate is designed for individuals seeking to acquire or desiring to upgrade skills in the production of quality, scratch-baked goods. Candidates learn the specialized skills in mixing and handling artisan breads (including sourdoughs), high-end tortes and breakfast pastries. Emphasis is on the use of wholesome ingredients for hotel, restaurant or bakery operations. The Baking Certificate has been designed to provide the learner with a foundation for a rewarding career in baking. You will gain knowledge and skills in the tools and techniques in baking, pastry and cake making. The practical portion of the instruction takes place in a fully equipped state of the art bakery lab. Talented, creative bakers are always in demand. It is a great way to enter the industry with credentials from a recognized international educational institution. This certificate prepares individuals for an exciting and rewarding career in the world of baking and pastry arts: commercial bakery, or small bakeries and pastry shops. Take the knowledge and skills you've acquired and combine them with your entrepreneurial savvy to start your own business. Possible career paths include: Franchise bakeries Hotels In-store bakeries Restaurants Retail bakeries Wholesale bakeries Sole Proprietor Catering Companies Pastry stores / Specialty shops To email  a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.