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CGD Certificate in Gardening Design
IFMA Board Certificate

Certificate in Gardening Design (CGD)

Whatever a garden's overall look, its creator has fashioned it — for better or worse — using certain design elements that can be identified. These elements are the designer's aesthetic tools, which he or she manipulates to the success or failure of the project. Good garden design goes beyond simply "looking nice", instead creating a space where plants, building materials, color and form all work together to create an environment that is stimulating, cohesive and enjoyable for everyone. Getting this balance right can be difficult for the untrained person, while successful landscape garden designers avoid expensive mistakes and exude an air of confidence because they know how the end result will look before they have even begun. Who Should Apply? horticultural practitioners and those in the nursery trades seeking professional development landscapers who wish to provide more comprehensive and professional services to clients those who are considering a career in landscape design landscape architecture students seeking a focus on garden design To email  a detail of your credentials, degrees, experience or qualifications: so that we can make a review and determination.