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MAMP  Master of Accounting Management Professional
IFMA Board Certificates

Master of Accounting Management Professional  (MAMP)

Master of Accounting Management Professional is a designation and honor for those who meet one of these requirements:

Complete our approved certification training courses below:


Managerial Accounting 
Intermediate Accounting
Accounting and Finance: Managerial Use and Analysis
Accounting Principles:Processes and Procedures.  
Accounting systems 
Development of Internal Accounting Data 
Assets and Liabilities, Shareholders' Equity Issues 
Interpretation of Information Contained in Accounts 
Modern Capital and Operational Budgeting Techniques 
Auditing and Control

Completed an accredited college degree in Accounting Management related major such as business management,Entrepreneurship Management, Finance Management, Business Administration, or who have a MACM, MBA, Ph.D. of relevant degree.

  • 3 or more years ofAccounting or Business Management related work or business intelligence experience.
  • a formal Business orAccountingManagement qualification
  • International diploma in Business, Entrepreneurship orAccountingManagement