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Certificate of Partial discharge testing (Power Cable)(CPDT)-Level B

Course outline

This course introduces the type of partial discharge and use the partial discharge meter to evaluate insulation level, students have the following ability after the course.
1.Operate of the partial discharge metrical meter related to HV power cables.
2.Has knowledge of PD principle and PD phenomenon about HV power cables.
3.Identify the PD types based on the measuring waveform and its frequency response.
4.Set up the infrastructure of smart substation

Course Title
Partial discharge testing level B. (Power Cable)

Course Description
The goal of this course is to give a systematic training to test engineers so that they are able to learn the PD testing skill in a short period. After qualification, the engineer have the professional knowledge about HV apparatus and its PD testing methods. With these abilities, they can operate PD detecting instruments to test HV apparatus and judge whether the insulation degrades or not based on the measuring data of the instruments. Therefore, the failure rate of HV apparatus can be decreased, which then results in the reduction of the economical and safety losses

Have completed the partial discharge testing level C

Aware of transmission and distribution equipment. Design and maintenance of high-voltage switchgear

6 hours per week ,total 24 hours
1. Analyze the principle of partial discharge about HV power cables. (3 hours)(Testing Methods include impulse current, acoustic emission, acoustic wave, high frequency current, high frequency capacitive coupling, ultra-high frequency, and chemical analysis method)
2. International Standards of partial discharge about HV power cables. (3 hours)(IEC60270、IEC62478、IEEE Std 400.3)
3. Introduce partial discharge detection instruments and the detecting principle with respect to HV power cables.(Oscilloscope, acoustic emission sensor, ultra-high frequency sensor, high frequency current transformer sensor, and transient earth voltage transducer sensor)
4.Practice of partial discharge measurement and analysis about HV power cables. (15 hours) (The principle and PD types of HV power cable, uncertainty of partial discharge data and its analysis result, comparison of different measurement methods, on-line monitoring methods of HV power cable joints)