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International Finance and Management Academy

Building strong connections

IFMA has built a strong alliances program, one that establishes collaborative, working relationships with other business associations to increase the level of integrated in general business and financial environments.  

The IFMA’s alliance relationships have significant benefits to the business as whole, including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Raising business awareness about trends, objectives, and progress in financial management networking
  • Advancing the adoption of data solutions across all business and management boundaries
  • Enabling different business organizations to pool their spheres of expertise
  • Developing joint programs related to finance, banking, accounting, marketing arrangements, or other specific points of cooperation


It is the goal of the IFMA to continue building our network of trusted partners. To achieve this goal, we encourage our business colleagues to contact us at to learn more about collaborative opportunities within the IFMA alliances program. Together, we can strengthen not only our alliance portfolio, but our business as well.